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  • Child Psychological Maltreatment half day training for California Child Advocacy Centers: To watch video click here and to download PowerPoint click here 

  • Child Psychological Maltreatment 101 (CPM-101), a 58 minute video covering essentials of the knowledge base: To watch video click here and to download video click here

  • APSAC Guidelines for the Determination of Suspected Psychological Maltreatment of Children and Youth: click here

  • Psychological Maltreatment Definition and Forms Table: click here

  • APSAC Monograph on Psychological Maltreatment: click here

  • Draft modules on CPM Related Topic: Racism, Prejudice, Implicit Bias and Psychological Maltreatment: Orientation, Guidelines and Resources for Trainers (Marva Lewis, Charles Edwards & Kimberley Easton) (this link will download the program to your computer, which then can be accessed by opening the download): click here 

  • Child Participation and Agency Module (Lauren Marie Hall). To view the videos, click here

  • Report on Proposed National Definitions and Standards for Child Psychological Maltreatment (Amy Slep, Danya Glaser, Jody Todd Manly): click here

  • December 2019 APSAC Advisor Volume 31, No 3 article on Child Psychological Maltreatment is provided here with the permission of APSAC.  It is not for duplication and dissemination: click here 

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